Now with SIMPLE Mobile, you’ll get more data and greater benefits – AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!
The Change is Easy
You don’t have to do anything. We’ll take care of it.
This change will start on 02/11/2021 and you will be officially part of SIMPLE Mobile on your Service End Date. To see your service end date, textΔ the word DUE to 611611.
But remember, after the first free month, you’ll have to refill your plan at or your local retailer.
Enrolled in Auto-Refill? You will continue to be enrolled in Auto ReUp on SIMPLE Mobile, and you won’t be charged for your first month.
tick You won’t have service interruptions
tick Your Service End Date won’t change
tick You won’t need a new SIM
tick Your first month is FREE
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Check out the difference you can look forward to by becoming a SIMPLE Mobile customer.
Please note, once you are part of Simple Mobile, your international roaming service in Mexico will change. While you roam in Mexico, you will only be able to make calls within Mexico or back to the United States. For more information about Simple Mobile international roaming and other International calling benefits, please visit
Get More with SIMPLE Mobile Get More with SIMPLE Mobile
With SIMPLE Mobile, there are no mystery fees, and no strings attached. From affordable Service Plans and add-ons, to the reliable connection you count on, SIMPLE Mobile has what you need.
Download the SIMPLE Mobile app
Download the SIMPLE Mobile app to set up your account and get a great experience after we make the switch!
SIMPLE Mobile Payments Made Seamless SIMPLE Mobile Payments Made Seamless
Securely set up your payment method and Auto ReUp will keep you connected. You also save every month on most Service Plans when enrolled.